Do we need to bring our own equipment like yoga mats, belts etc?

No need at all. Iyengar Yog Sadhana hall is well-equiped with all necessary props innovated by Guruji.

Should students practice all asanas on alternate days?

For the first 3 months, students should not do any asanas unsupervised as it takes that much time to know our own body, allow for individual bodily problems to surface, and understand asanas plus their effects. Then only one can start practicing asanas under the able guidance of a teacher.

How long should be the gap between eating and practicing yoga?

Four hours gap is must between full meal (Lunch) and class. Light snakes (really light) can be consumed one and half hour prior to class. (If any special requirement of diet, like Sugar problem, must consult with teacher at the time of admission.)

Four hours gap is a must between full meals (Lunch) and a yoga session. Light snacks can be consumed one and half hours prior to class. (If there are any known health issues like Diabetes, High BP etc., please consult with the teacher at the time of admission.)

How long should I wait for eating after my yoga class?

A gap of about ten to fifteen minutes is ideal before you can eat after class.

Can I compensate in another batch if I remain absent for my own class?

To change the batch if a student remains absent is not possible, since other batches are crowded and teachers may be different. Students must stick to the batch once  it’s decided.

However, a student can shift to another batch permanently, provided we have vacancy in that particular batch. Henceforth, the student will have to follow the new batch timings.

What is the dress code for class?

Good shorts and a T-shirt is advisable. Adjust fitting according to your comfort while practicing the asanas.

Should I attend the class if I am sick?

Students should not come for class if they are suffering from cold, cough and fever as they might spread their illness to other attendees.

But minor sicknesses like headaches, hyper acidity and others which do not spread through contact are permissible. Students can attend their class but should inform their teacher beforehand. The teacher might regulate your session according to your condition on that particular day.

Ladies who are menstruating can come for the class but must inform the teacher BEFORE CLASS.