So i went to my gynac as i was pregnant (2nd) time and asked my doc if i could start yoga now that it is 3 mnths complete. She said go ahead. Next visit i told my doc that i started yoga . She asked who do you go to ? I said Abhay Javakhedkar ! N she was like so i dont need to give you half your medications . Go tell Abhay your aches and he will sort it for you . She was all praise for him and told me to tell him that she still practices the poses he has taught her . I felt so priviledged and fortunate that i get his time and learnings during this phase of my life .
He is a great teacher , personal attention to the smallest detail. Trust him and you can reap the benefits of his learnings . He is the best !!! With closed eyes , do consult him once , you will not regret it.

P.S – The doc here i am referring to is none other than Dr.Asmita Gupte of Gupte Hospital ,
Bandarkar rd.